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Bumper Stickers

Share your thoughts on your bumper for the world to see.

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Image Building & Promotion

In a highly competitive world where everyone wants to advertise their company, you have to be unique in order to get the attention of your audience. One of the ways of doing this is through bumper stickers which have become a popular tool for marketing because they attract the attention of every driver. You can customize our vinyl stickers with your company's logo, colors, slogan, tag-line and even have the shape customized to whatever you want. These are the most commonly used stickers because the material is waterproof and weather resistant which means they will last for a longer time when placed anywhere.

Increase Sales

Usually, these stickers are placed at the back of cars because this gives maximum exposure as it is at an eye-catching place and people like to read what is written on the car in front, especially at traffic lights. It also gives one a place to advertise their company's products or services for a long period of time. Therefore placing bumper stickers on cars is a guaranteed way of getting people to gain awareness about you and your company.

Effective Marketing Tool

Bumper sticker printing is an economical way of advertising and marketing your product or services. You can choose from different colors, a variety of designs and also different finishes like glossy or matte. Your vinyl bumper stickers will be designed by professionals who will guide you in choosing the right materials, colors and design for the perfectly eye-catching sticker. You will be giving your potential customers something to think about and make them aware about your company's logo. These car stickers are a cost-effective measure to increase sales and to open up to more people of your target customers.

You will be provided with highest quality vinyl stickers that will last longer and the colors will not fade quickly. We have a variety of stock sizes and you can choose a size or shape that best suits your company image and budget.

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