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Hang Tags

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Hang tags are a great way to market your product or service. No matter what you think, people love to read tags, labels and other such stuff on the product that they have purchased. They want to know what the shirt or can of beans is made from, where it is made in etc. This can be a good chance for you to promote your brand and brand image as it will catch the attention of your customer.

Printing Tags in Multiple Shapes & Sizes

You can print hang tags in a lot of different fun and creative ways! You could choose any shape that you wish but rectangle and circles are the most popular choices and get your logo and slogan printed on that shape. You could also have a different size for the tag depending on the image you want to portray or the message you want to convey. For example, you could have different hang tags for 50% off and 25% off so it is easy for customers to identify.

The Text, Colors and Design on Hang Tag

You should write, rewrite and proofread the content or text that you want printed on a hang tag. Make sure that it is catchy and yet concise because it needs to attract the customer not bore him or her. Also, the concise it is the easier it will be to fit into the design. Have a good look at the colors that are being used and ensure that they are your corporate colors. They should not conflict with your brand image.

The tag will be hanging by something, right? You need it to be sturdy so that they do not fall off before they reach the customers.

We will print the tags on the best quality paper or card stock available. Paper hang tags are the most recommended for they are cheapest in printing but if you wish to use hard card-paper that it also available. You can get it printed with a glossy or matte finish depending on the image and requirements of your brand.

Retail staple is really good for instant promotion and hang tags make it easy for businesses, but they are not only bounded for marketing, they can be with warning message, permission tags like parking tags, cloth tags, toys or accessories tags which are specially designs for describing the qualities and characteristics of related products including price and manufacturing details.   

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